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  • Shane Pameen

    I Shane Pameen have been taking treatment for hair fall under Dr. Jyoti Sharma & PRP Session by Dr. Nidhi, Its been such a great experience, they both are experienced and polite and make patient at ease. All the staff is very friendly, and best past Dr. Jyoti doesn't prescribe too many medicines or supplements, all the staff is very friendly, the treatment & procedures are done. My patiently experience each & every step by doctor & staff.

  • Maya Belwal

    Maya Belwal, Age 28 years, Numbered sitting. I have acne scars problem is my face. I recognized that my scars improved. I am happy with all the team for looking and care.

  • Siddarth Srivastav

    Hi, My Name Siddarth Srivastav, Age 27 years, Undergoing PRP therapy. Its result better and i feel comfortable and I recommended any person hair loss to consult Dr. Nidhi, Vardhan Clinic

  • Swati Sharma

    I have taken carbon peeling since November 2017 and so, for I'm getting bestest results, My large process are almost gone, once are minimised must and skin is even toned. Textwer is getting better sitting by sitting.

  • Aaditya Sharma (Carbon Peeling)

    Had a good experience with the procedure & had a good result, not expected though but my skin in better with every procedure I get. Thanks Dr. Nidhi & Dr. Jyoti

  • Saina Vij

    It was a nice experience with dr. Jyoti Sharma she is very polite & experienced dr. I am totally satisfied with dr. Jyoti sharma.

  • Mansi

    Doctor described me the possible reasons for hairfall & prescribed few tests as well. Overall it was nice experience.

  • Mrs Pooja Gupta

    Although waiting time was long as it was a Saturday but no doubt she is a very good doctor. Recommended for all skin ailments.

  • Santosh Mishra

    The Doctor seems to be well experienced, very supportive behaviour with patient, gave very good suggestions. Overall very good experience.

  • Mrig Sharma

    Awesome doc...meds are working from very first hour...waiting for the revisit after 2 weeks to get a good update..

  • Naveen

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money She is an outstanding doctor. she explains the diseases and makes you very comfortable.

  • Jatin lama

    First of all the doctor is so beautiful nd the behaviour of the doc is so amazing, she is that kinda doctor i never haven't met before. she is so experienced and amazing doctor, im so glad that i've appointed dr. jyoti sharma

  • Mr. Rohit Kumar

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction She cleared my all doubts about the hair fall and I was guided quite well there. She consistently answers all my questions. If you are in New Delhi and looking for an Awesome dermatologist then she is perfect choice.

  • Pinki Gupta

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time Had a great experience. The Doctor was very patient in listening to all our problems. Will recommend to all.

  • Nidhi

    Happy with Treatment satisfaction She gives enough time to each patient. Her diagnosis is the main strength

  • Kuldeep Kumar

    Happy with Explanation of the health issue, Wait time This was our first visit to Dr. Jyoti Sharma and we found her soft spoken and responsive. She heard our problem and examined my wife thoroughly. We hope we get desired good results soon.

  • Sunil kumar

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue Doctor is very intelligent. Very good in behaviour. Give good advice and guidance.

  • Rohit

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time B*** ****** **** met for skin problems..consulted well..treating well and will like to continue with doctor jyoti sharma.

  • Abhilash

    Totally satisfied...i visited ma'am wd my problem...n jusz after one week my problem was treated...when i went dere for the second time after 7 days...thn also she had given me tym n listened to me but did not take consultation fee as my problem was was first experience in my entire life dat a doctor did not charged agn cz i hv visted few doctors through practo...n they all use to call agn n agn after 7 days n they charge everytime...m simply overwhelmed by her treatment...just one paid visit...i seriously want to thank her frm bottom of my heart... humanity do exist...not all doctor r money minded...lotz of respect for u ma'am...wishing u happiness n prosperity.

  • Sarthak

    Gives full time to patients. understands the problem very well and her advice really works. she listens to the patient calmly and patiencely. i advice everbody to visit her in case of any problem.

  • Santosh

    It was my first visit. Countenance reflects receptive gesture, not the mechanical one. Dr. gave a patient hearing which was specially soothing to me at 78. Prescribed medicines seemingly unavoidable, certainly not excessive. Responded to clarification queries on administration of medicines. Oveall, a nice experience. Thanx.

  • Harleen Kaur

    I went to the the clinic with a prior appointment, but I still had to wait. She didn't listen to my problem and just by seeing the acne prescribed a frw medicines and an ointment. When I came back home and talked to my family doctor I came to know that one of the medicines was a STEROID. My acne is mild. I don't recommend her because she doesn't devote appropriate time to each patient and because steroids? Seriously?

  • Yupanshi

    Many of your patients have recommended you as a good doctor. But I am going one step further to also to recommend Dr. Jyoti as a great human being. Thanks. Very much thankfull to you . Thank you for your excellent work while performing surgery on me for Scar trratment. my incision is very small and my pain has been minimal during recovery. I will be recommending you to everyone.

  • Mr. Pawan Rawat

    I've heard a lot about her from many people for Skin treatment and the results they have got with her consultance. I thought I'd give her a try as well since i was very annoyed with my skin never ending acne problems. She was very straight about the problems and gave me the firm reason and the solution for it. I am trying her remedees and the medicines she prescribed me. I am yet to receive the desired result which i am looking forward to quite keenly.

  • Kalawati

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money I had ringworm after my return from Myanmar, used tubes and lubricants but was of no use; shown to number of dermatologists where paid through the nose but as and when medicines I stopped it reappeared again. Yesterday I had my second visit with the Dr. Jyoti and as suggested to continue the medicines for another 14 days, so far I am quite satisfy and waiting to compete my course. Must recommended Dr.! With Tons of Thanks ! Regards, Sunil Binjola

  • Vikas Choudhary

    Happy with Treatment satisfaction before approaching here I have gone through several other clinics or government hospitals but not getting any result, but from the day I started taking treatment from Dr. Jyoti, & hope so in future will get 100% result. But yes this took years to get cured, so you need patience & strength to get good results.

  • Ankit

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction Dr. Jyoti is very good, experienced. she guided well. I am little disappointed with support staff, even after appointment I had to wait for 1 hour to meet doctor, little mismanagement on both clinics.

  • Rajkumar

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money It was a satisfying interaction. The dictor was very helpful and I felt comfortable at this clinic.

  • Dhawani

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money Very much professional well experienced well aware how to treat & know cause reasons.

  • Amit Anand

    She was awesome, like fabulous. I got a treatment with one of the best doctor of AIIMS also, but it don't know why I didn't get relief with his recommended medicine. But when I visited to her clinic, she not only identify my skin disease which I have but also recommend a medicine, by which I got relief in just a week. In the next time, when I got little complications, she gave her precious 30-35 minutes to me only and discuss on all the confusion which I had, what a great conversation like she treated me like a child who talks with his mother or something, no anger, no tension no worries for time and all. From all this the best part is, SHE DIDN'T CHARGE FOR THIS. who cares so much for his/her patient now a day. So this is my experience, and that is why, 'there is not questions for recommendation' you to understand, what is suggest to everyone. Thank you doctor(@ jyoti sharma ) thanking very much.

  • Bhavya Batra

    Happy with Doctor friendliness The day I visited the clinic I was literally overwhelmed by d staff and the doctor itself as she gave me the perfect guidance and started my treatment that day only ....... I m taking "laser therapy" for hair reduction from her and I'm Totally satisfied and happy with the treatment given by her ....... I'd like to thank her from the bottom of my for all the efforts she had put for making come to ds much satisfaction that now I don't wish to visit any other doctor .........

  • Chera Reech

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money I came across Dr. Jyoti Sharma's name on the net and thought I finally have someone to help me with my skin problems but what a dissapointment it was. She seemed in a hurry to get me out of her clinic. Further when I tried to inquire more on my Problem her behaviour was unprofessional. I left the clinic very angry and unsatisfied. She kept staring at the CC TV monitor and seemed like she was in a hurry to go someplace else. This was my personal experience and I am under no body else's influence.

  • Shalini Chak

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money Dr. Jyoti is very good, intelligent and friendly to me. She explained every thing very pateintly and politely. At the end she also added the need of vitamins and proteins for our body. In future I want to become a doctor like her. She is my role model !! Dr. Jyoti Sharma replied Thanks

  • Avdesh

    Happy with Explanation of the health issue She really listen to the problem and answer all the queries politely and clearly. she doesn't look in hurry while attending me. She also behaves friendly with her patients.

  • Vidyawati

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time prompt diagnosis. Extremely fast and competent doctor. I recommend her for all type of skin diseases.

  • Shimla Devi

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue She is a honest doctor. My skin is cracking and blackness is increasing. Doc diagnosis me very well and tell me tat dis disease will take some time to cure. Hope l will be fine Nd after that I can give best reviews abt doctor.

  • Ridhima

    Happy with Wait time Doctor is very nice & friendly and marvellous I had been suffering from last six months for pimples I had visited many experiences doctor but there is no results in my relation someone recommended dr. Jyoti I visited her also and it really works in one month my pimples wave off I really thankew dr Jyoti stay blessed.

  • Samridhi

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money Doctor is called god, but nowadays doctors are acting as robber, but jyoti madam is not one of them, she is very good, she gives ample time to their patient.

  • Gulshan kumar

    Happy with Treatment satisfaction Experience was superb consult for my wife highly recommend dr. jyoti for those who are seeking dr. for skin problems even medicines are in budget for middle class family as well.

  • Sudha Chodhri

    Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction It has been 6-7yrs i think since i m visting dr. Jyoti ...She is a very nice doc and explains and treats very well. But the behaviour of tbe receptionist of pitampura branch doesn't know how to talk ...they think they r docs...if a patient is requesting somethi g they don't adjust and talk rudely...they r robots ...learnt 3-4lines and keep on repeating the same thing ...they dont understand and co-operate with the patients ...ridiculous.

  • Mr. R.M.Abdul Ghani

    I was suffering from skin problem on my legs for the last 10 years or so. I was treated by various renowned hospitals and dermatologists but the disease was not cured. It was my fortune that Dr. Jyoti Sharma, a highly qualified,decorated with Gold Medals opened her clinic near my residence (Rohini). I visted her Clinic. The staff was great supportive and courteous. I wonder that the doctor at such a young age is so proficient soft spoken without any sort of pride or ego. At a glance she diagnosed my disease and within a short period I have been cured of my main problem.The doctor takes time with me to examine my legs, answer my questions and never seems to be in a rush to move on to the next patient. On certain occasions she has exempted me from payment of her consultation fee. She is a shining example of what every doctor should strive to be.I have recommended her to some of my relatives residing in Rohini and they are fully satisfied with her treatment. If I come across any one with skin problem I will recommend the Gold Medalist young soft spoken Dr. Jyoti. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. WITH BEST WISHES

  • Mrs. Mandakini Sharma

    Extremely Satisfied by the interaction n medication provided by Dr Jyoti. The infection had vanished the very first night. She listens to each and every problem of mine carefully does no hurry in ripping up the patients queue.. Above all the medicines She prescribes r very very affordable n so are consultation charges. My wife is a die hard fan of her and she visits her for all her skin related problems. Very sincere and accurate in her medication... Will surely recommend Dr Jjyoti SHARMA to family friends. May God bless her so that she can likeways prove beneficial to the needy patients and serve humanity the way she is doing....

  • Girijesh

    She is not onle a good doctor but also a good human being.The best thing is she listens to you very patiently and answer all your questions.She never recommend unnecessary and costly medicine. I think one can blindly visit her clinic forr his problems...

  • Divya Chopra

    Good doctors (like dr. Jyoti Sharma)understand responsibility better than priviledge and practice accountability better than bussiness.........she care nd listens to her every patient with patience......she have a solution to every skin nd hair problem,her knowledge is

  • Mr. Kewalkrishan

    During my visit to prashant vihar clinic I noticed that Jyoti Mam carefully listen to the problem N immediately approches towards effective treatment I m taking treatment from last 1 month n her intelligency is appreciable

  • Vishal Jaiswal

    Really nice experience with her as she solved all my problems . I recommend all my friends to visit her for any problem they are facing

  • Rohan Kalra

    Doctor is very good in nature, heard all my problems, very good in nature. Recommended medicines for 3 months. Let's see how it works.

  • Deepika

    Very good...highly recommended....the doctor is very polite n listens to the problem very carefully...

  • Jeet

    She listened to the problem patiently. The cure recommended was simple to use and practical, while still cheap. I am writing this after comparing the medicines given to me by two other doctors who were not able to solve my problem completely.

  • Mr. Ankur Chamoli

    She listened to the problem patiently. The cure recommended was simple to use and practical, while still cheap. I am writing this after comparing the medicines given to me by two other doctors who were not able to solve my problem completely.

  • Miss Ayushi Chaudhary

    It was a good and satisfactory experience for me and was given with a good suggestion for further treatment.

  • Mr. Prerak Arya

    It's wonderful clinic. The doctor is nice . Took only two minutes and my old issue resolved. Best wishes.

  • Anon

    She is very soft spoken and helpfull, firstly my brother got his treatment and medications from her and got to see very good results, he was suffering from hair thinning too.
    After I saw his results, I decided to consult her as well. Hope I'll get to see good results also.

  • Mr. Bhanu Goel

    I had an appointment & it was hardly 5mintS late,I really didn't mind at all.
    Talking about Dr.jyoti Sharma, Doctor like her is like a blessing,that me & my wife have always felt.Not BIG words but trust me guys she is so polite that discussing your problem & you'l be getting a solution by her treatment & then everything's gone be OK, it's because her treatment really works.Been there 3 times.Thank you doctor, we really appreciate !

  • User

    Best skin specialist know everything in detail with accurate analysis and very friendly and humble in nature

  • Sandeep Bhatia

    She is experienced doctor but the treatment is costly, The same treatment will other doctor will do in less cost. I suggest other patient to consern with other doctors also before reaching there

  • Swatibakshi1987

    Quick analysis and very polite behaviour. Recommended for all.

  • Sahil Suri

    She listen the things very politely and then give proper medication and tratment

  • Mr.Ram Sharma

    Such a nice doctor..She treats patients very politely and used to listen all the problem sensibly. She I would say she is one of the best dermotologist in Delhi.

  • Ashish goyal

    I recommend Dr. Jyoti for pimple treatment she is best for pimple treatment. .I.e is my third visit.

  • Tripti Gupta

    She is patient, empathetic, intelligent to come to diagnosis and explains very well to patients regarding the problems. Overall a best doc you could get for dermatologist.

  • Mr. Bhanu Goel

    I went to her bcz of people's ratings on practo. My skin was like burnt and was in pain.she patiently listen to me and then console me that I'll be fine. On the next visit I randomly went to her for check up she dint took any fees. She is the best doc I know and my wife are now believe in her. For me ye sabse best doc hai

  • Akash

    Doctor is really good and one thing which differentiate her is her simplicity and sincerely listening to patents problem and overall cost including appointment and medicine comparatively economical.. Don't hesitate just make a appointment. Its good if you visit her Rohini clinic.

  • Dishita Sharma

    My daughter of 10 yrs is suffering from this problem. It was very helpful to visit Dr. Jyoti Sharma. thanks to the Doctor for treating it and suggesting my daughter how to control it.

  • Ram kanwar

    It was too nice to visit Dr my kid was suffering frm skin allergy n he is recovering in a single day..I ll approach to everyone for treatment abt skin relating prob to visit to dr Jyoti.. N ll feel a gr8 experience there

  • Mrs. Sadhna

    The doctor is very good .It nearby our home .They are very kind and I wish you succeed more and more.The device should be evening also.Thank you !!!!!!!!

  • Rajeshwari Bisht

    My experience with doctor is good, I was looking that doctor who understand my problem, to hear me & give satisfactory answer to me. Dr. Jyoti is very good doctor, she understand my all problem & give me solutions. Thank you Dr. Jyoti

  • aryaakshay100

    Loved it.I think she is a great doctor who clears all the doubts of the patients and gives them the best yet the most economical treatment. It was my third visit and I have full faith in her.

  • Sumit Dhawan

    Dr. Jyoti Sharma is really experienced doctor, she answered all my queries in details, i would love to recommended her to my family and friends.

  • Isha Wadhwa

    It was good although she did not gave me so much of time because of crowd .. but medicines which she has prescribed is working gud fr me .

  • User

    She is really nice doctor.. One thing great about doctor is cost effective medicine. she writes medicine which cost very less.

  • Monika Kataria

    She is an amazing doctor.. Not like other business minded doctors,she is very polite and genuine. I am visiting her from last 2-3 months, she has resolved all my issues.. I strongly recommend her.

  • aryaakshay100

    She seems good though she didn't ask a great deal of questions and simply handed over the prescription. She has put me on a month long medication so it would be too premature to comment the performance.

  • Neea

    Nice doctor , ,my face problem some better than yesterday .

  • Sameep Mishra

    NIce Doctor. Explained the problem and treatment procedure very well.

  • Praveen Mishra

    The Doctor is brilliant and she listens to you properly.

  • Mr.NAgeshwar Sharma

    Last so many moth my good experienc to Dr jyoti sharma

  • Meenakshi Sharma

    Nyc doctor.i ll recommend her to my frnds

  • Harshal Gupta

    I don't know how such positive remarks are posted against her seems to be fake as compare to my personal experience.

    I am continuously visiting her clinic in Rohini Sector 24 and it is been 4 months now but nothing has happened with my disease. When asked from doctor that its been 4 months still their is no improvement she had started being arrogant with us. She spoke with us in such a manner like she is running some charitable trust & We are part of it seeking for favors from her.

    I would strongly recommend not to visit at her clinic because she is worth less, one will be wasting his money if consulted by her.

  • Sunil Kumar Sahu

    Very good nd humble listen to the problems properly nd then make then diagnosis . She is very good at treatment

  • ARTI

    Good doctor. Attend well.
    Good results

  • Mr. Shruti Agg

    Dr. Jyoti sharma is an excellent doctor in her respective field... i went to her for my acne treatment... i have seen such type of doctor for the first time coz all the skin doctors whom i have came across doesnt give enough time in listening to patient's problems and straight away prescribe costly tests and medicines... but jyoti mam is a wonderful doctor its been 3 months since i am taking jyoti mam's treatment and i have got rid of all the acnes and my skin has become so glowing... i would recommend dr. Jyoti to all my family and friends

  • User

    Hi, visit this clinic several times .I visited there on 7 June for my hand allergies , Dr. Jyoti is not only a great doctor but a nice person only she will listen to your problem very carefully, by listening to my problem she suggests just some moisturizer and didn't charge me also,that show how kind person she is so , I will strongly recommend her

  • Sanjay Kumar

    Dr. Jyoti is very confident and empathetic. She listen to problem carefully and advise in detail. Very knowledgeable and confident.

  • Madhu

    Excellent knowledge soft spoken, recently started my treatment with her and plan to continue. She has no ego hassles and listens to the problem carefully

  • Rahul Jha

    I definitely would recommend her to my colleagues and family members and frankly speaking she is beautiful

  • Mohit

    Good knowledgeable and shares information regarding your condition. Good knowledgeable and shares information regarding your condition.

  • Bindiya taneja

    will be able to comment more as the cure progresses. a nice person

  • Mehak Malhotra

    Very sweet and warm to talk to. Patiently listens and then gives a very satisfying response. I would recommend her to friends and family for sure.

  • Aakanksha Jain

    She is the Best Skin doctor and a very humble person. Treated my mother with one medicine when Fortis hospital could not even detect the disease for 28 days. She is brilliant. Would recommend to all.

  • Manpreet Kaur

    It was positive experience. I loved the way she talked and listened to my problem. And, she also gave me some suggestions to tackle with my pigmentation problem.

  • N K Gupta

    She is one of the best Dermatologist in Delhi. Her skills to diagnose the dicease are impeccable. It's really great to have such skin specialist in Rohini.

  • Usha

    My Experience was very good. First time I got know the name of skin disease of my Wife. Dr. Jyoti talked to us very politely and gave us full information about precaution that we have to takecare

  • Radha Rani

    She is very humble and down to earth.. Listen to the problem and guide you. I would recommend each one of you reading this to visit her if it is related to skin. She in actual is a skin specialist

  • Aarya

    She is dynamic in approach and confident. The approach towards looking at the complaint is appreciated

  • Prateek Shah

    She's very supportive, listens carefully and her motive is not rob the patients. Just started with the treatment.